Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Today, most people do not like to go to the theatre to catch up on the latest movies. Instead, they prefer to watch free movies online on their laptop by downloading online. There is also the option of streaming movies but for users with a slow internet connection, movies download sites is the best option as no one want to face buffering issue while streaming their favorite movie. There are limited legit free movie download sites that do not require login or sign up. Here is a review of some of the best movie download sites.

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  • is famous for offering a huge collection of free movies for both download and streaming. This site contains some of the best movie selection that is always updated daily.

The movies found here are of high quality. Another amazing feature about this movie download site is that it supports subtitles for both offline and online movies and you can choose to download the subtitles for any movie or not.

The site’s user interface is quite easy to navigate. Most of the information and latest movies can be found on the homepage by simply navigating through the categories. not only contains English movies but also movies from other language speaking countries such as India, Hong Kong, Chinese, Italian, German, Mexican and Japan. You will also find movies of all popular genres such as Sci-Fi, Documentary, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Action and many others.

This movie download site is not only limited to movies. If you are a lover of online games, you will find a collection on this site for free. The best thing about this movie download site is that you can download any item without signing up or logging-in which is just awesome.

  • is yet another great and popular free movie download site. It has a large collection of movies in its database which range from Dual Audio movies to Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu movies, Marathi movies, Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and much more.

This site has a unique section called 300MB movies that contains compressed high quality movies. Downloading movies from this section takes a shorter time. offers so much more than movies. It has a number of smartphone games, PC games, HD movies and Audio files which you can download for free.


If you are looking for a movie download site that gives you access to countless high quality and allows to download for free, is exactly what you are looking for. This site is not only a movie download site. It also offers other stuff such as music videos and software for free.

Downloading a movie via this site is quite simple as you simply need to click on the download button after selecting the movie.

On the homepage, you can select the movie as well as other information such as the recommended player, movie size and format. You can also check the latest addition to the site using the upload date.

Though you cannot find a movie of choice because the site does not have a search bar, you can easily download any movie from the homepage including old movies.

  • is an old free movie download site that still has a huge popularity. It offers a large collection of movies, cartoons as well as TV shows. You can either to stream any movie of choice or download it to your PC.

The interface of this website is straightforward with clearly indicated categories that are easy to navigate. They even have a News section. The latest movies are in HD.

In case you do not see the download button after selecting a movie, disable the ad Block and try again.

This site streams the movies on external links and may have ads but downloading any movie is undoubtedly fast.


This is a great movie download site especially for those looking to download free Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Here, you will get movies of all genres including but not limited to Thriller, Drama, Action. Comedy, Horror and many others.

Apart from the movies, you can also download HD videos and TV shows for free.

The homepage of this site is easy to navigate with a clear interface. You can find the latest movie uploads as well as the most popular movies of the month using the sidebar.

In addition, this site provides multiple mirrors for every movies such as Indiashare, Mediafire and you can also select the size of movie, movie quality as well as movie format before download.

  • is ideal for guys looking for free Bollywood and Hollywood movies to download. You can check the latest movie updates on the homepage as well as search for any movie using the search bar or navigating through the categories or year of release. Besides movies, you can also download WWE TV shows.

Downloading movies through this site is quite easy. Just click on the movie link then a direct download link of the movie is automatically shown. Click ok and the download begins.


99Hdfilms also makes it among the best movie download sites. It is a relatively new site for downloading movies but it is growing rapidly. You will find Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindu dubbed movies and many others all for free.

This movie download site adds new movies to their database every day which is faster than most sites and you will get almost all the latest movies a few weeks from the release date.

99HDflims does not have a direct download link but it provides a torrent file for every movie. Therefore, to download movies via this site, you need to first install torrent on your PC.

  • provides both movie download and streaming. You can easily download any movie listed on the homepage by selecting it and clicking ok to the pop up download request.

To look for your favorite movie, simply key in its name on the search bar. You can also check the most popular site on the site through top 10 movies’ section.

Apart from the free movies, you can also play online games, listen to online radio as well as download music all for free.