Best Free Movie Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Today, most people do not like to go to the theatre to catch up on the latest movies. Instead, they prefer to watch free movies online on their laptop by downloading online. There is also the option of streaming movies but for users with a slow internet connection, movies download sites is the best option as no one want to face buffering issue while streaming their favorite movie. There are limited legit free movie download sites that do not require login or sign up. Here is a review of some of the best movie download sites.

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  • is famous for offering a huge collection of free movies for both download and streaming. This site contains some of the best movie selection that is always updated daily.

The movies found here are of high quality. Another amazing feature about this movie download site is that it supports subtitles for both offline and online movies and you can choose to download the subtitles for any movie or not.

The site’s user interface is quite easy to navigate. Most of the information and latest movies can be found on the homepage by simply navigating through the categories. not only contains English movies but also movies from other language speaking countries such as India, Hong Kong, Chinese, Italian, German, Mexican and Japan. You will also find movies of all popular genres such as Sci-Fi, Documentary, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Action and many others.

This movie download site is not only limited to movies. If you are a lover of online games, you will find a collection on this site for free. The best thing about this movie download site is that you can download any item without signing up or logging-in which is just awesome.

  • is yet another great and popular free movie download site. It has a large collection of movies in its database which range from Dual Audio movies to Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu movies, Marathi movies, Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and much more.

This site has a unique section called 300MB movies that contains compressed high quality movies. Downloading movies from this section takes a shorter time. offers so much more than movies. It has a number of smartphone games, PC games, HD movies and Audio files which you can download for free.


If you are looking for a movie download site that gives you access to countless high quality and allows to download for free, is exactly what you are looking for. This site is not only a movie download site. It also offers other stuff such as music videos and software for free.

Downloading a movie via this site is quite simple as you simply need to click on the download button after selecting the movie.

On the homepage, you can select the movie as well as other information such as the recommended player, movie size and format. You can also check the latest addition to the site using the upload date.

Though you cannot find a movie of choice because the site does not have a search bar, you can easily download any movie from the homepage including old movies.

  • is an old free movie download site that still has a huge popularity. It offers a large collection of movies, cartoons as well as TV shows. You can either to stream any movie of choice or download it to your PC.

The interface of this website is straightforward with clearly indicated categories that are easy to navigate. They even have a News section. The latest movies are in HD.

In case you do not see the download button after selecting a movie, disable the ad Block and try again.

This site streams the movies on external links and may have ads but downloading any movie is undoubtedly fast.


This is a great movie download site especially for those looking to download free Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Here, you will get movies of all genres including but not limited to Thriller, Drama, Action. Comedy, Horror and many others.

Apart from the movies, you can also download HD videos and TV shows for free.

The homepage of this site is easy to navigate with a clear interface. You can find the latest movie uploads as well as the most popular movies of the month using the sidebar.

In addition, this site provides multiple mirrors for every movies such as Indiashare, Mediafire and you can also select the size of movie, movie quality as well as movie format before download.

  • is ideal for guys looking for free Bollywood and Hollywood movies to download. You can check the latest movie updates on the homepage as well as search for any movie using the search bar or navigating through the categories or year of release. Besides movies, you can also download WWE TV shows.

Downloading movies through this site is quite easy. Just click on the movie link then a direct download link of the movie is automatically shown. Click ok and the download begins.


99Hdfilms also makes it among the best movie download sites. It is a relatively new site for downloading movies but it is growing rapidly. You will find Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindu dubbed movies and many others all for free.

This movie download site adds new movies to their database every day which is faster than most sites and you will get almost all the latest movies a few weeks from the release date.

99HDflims does not have a direct download link but it provides a torrent file for every movie. Therefore, to download movies via this site, you need to first install torrent on your PC.

  • provides both movie download and streaming. You can easily download any movie listed on the homepage by selecting it and clicking ok to the pop up download request.

To look for your favorite movie, simply key in its name on the search bar. You can also check the most popular site on the site through top 10 movies’ section.

Apart from the free movies, you can also play online games, listen to online radio as well as download music all for free.



Best Sites to Watch Anime or English-Dubbed Anime Entertainment

Anime has developed a huge following over the years, with people of all ages taking an interest in this genre. There are many people that enjoy watching anime entertainment but are looking for English dubbed programming to further enhance their enjoyment. Whether you are looking to watch traditional anime or English-dubbed, there are a number of sites that you can head to in order to do this. These sites offer great choice and quality. You can watch old school anime or newer versions via these sites.

By looking for the right sites, you can enjoy anime entertainment just the way you want it. Whether you watch in Japanese or English is up to you, as many of these sites offer both options. You can also choose from classic anime and modern, so you will never be short on anime entertainment to suit your needs.

Dubbed anime sites to watch anime online

Some great sites for anime entertainment

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So, if you want to enjoy high-quality anime on your PC or smart device, these are some of the great sites you can head to:


If you want a high-quality site with speedy streaming, this is a great choice. You can watch Anime in Japanese as well as dubbed in English when you go onto this site. The latest anime entertainment can be found here as well as classics. This makes it ideal for all fans of anime. There is plenty of choice available and you even benefit from high levels of support. The site also provides access to anime movies and comics.


This is one of the most popular sites for watching anime online. Many people who love watching anime head to this site in order to enjoy the latest anime entertainment. From old school classics to modern and new releases, you will find all the anime you can handle on this site. There is a very large collection of anime on the site. However, the site does come with a lot of advertisements, which some may find annoying. Streaming on this site is fast and you can enjoy both original and dubbed anime.


You will find this anime website is well constructed and easy to get around. While the site does come with advertisements, there are not too many of them. The media player on the site loads quickly. There is also plenty of choice so you can find the perfect anime to suit your needs. The organization and categorization of the site are also very good. The anime comes with attractive images and descriptions, which further enhances the usability of the site.

This anime site has a very impressive database of anime, both classic and new. Some of the anime on the site is unique and difficult to find elsewhere. This makes it perfect for anime fans looking for something a little different. The site is a great choice if you want to watch anime that is dubbed in English. However, you will also be able to watch plenty of traditional Japanese anime here too. The site streams quickly and efficiently and provides a good user experience. You can look forward to high-quality anime in HD.


Part of the F Movies streaming site, this anime site does contain advertisements. However, despite this, it is a popular site. It offers an impressive range of anime on its database. The site is also well laid out and organized making it easy to find what you want. There are some great features to make browsing and searching simple. This is a great site for those looking for English-dubbed anime. The media player is fast and efficient on this site. It also offers up some of the latest anime in addition to classics. While the advertisements on the site can be annoying, by and large, it is a great choice.

You can access to a good selection of anime on this site. However, the choice is not as wide on here as on many of the other anime sites. Despite this, it is a good option for those that want anime that is dubbed in English. You can, of course, also enjoy anime in Japanese via the site. The choices are updated on a regular basis and the site has been improved considerably. In addition to anime, you can also read comics and manga on the website. There are advertisements on the site but these do not cause much of an issue.

This is a nice looking, user-friendly site with a speedy anime player. Since the site still seems to be developing, the collection of anime available at the moment is not huge. However, it is definitely a site to keep your eye on. There are ads on the site but these are few and far between so they won’t cause an issue. You can use the site to watch a range of anime that has been dubbed in English. You can also watch anime in Japanese.

This forum site makes it easy to watch anime that has been dubbed in English. There are plenty of anime options available to suit different needs and preferences. The site is actually created by visitors and users, which makes it unique. The loading time is fast and the site is efficient and reliable. You can watch some of the latest anime episodes on the impressive database. As this is a community-based site, you can even edit and add pages yourself. It is also a great place to discuss anime with other like-minded fans.


Image result for anime

As you can see, there are many different anime websites out there. You can stream and enjoy anime with ease via these sites. Whether you want to watch in Japanese or you prefer your anime dubbed in English, you won’t be short on choice. Although some of the sites do have annoying advertisements, it is often worth the inconvenience for the great choice of anime.

Best No-Registration Movie Download Sites

These days, downloading movies has become the norm, particularly for the younger generation. People now stream and download movies all the time rather than watching them on DVDs or on TV. It gives them the freedom and flexibility of being able to watch the movies they want at a time that suits them. This is far more preferable than having to put up with whatever happens to be on at the time. One of the best things about streaming and downloading movies is that it is so simple and convenient. In fact, in many cases, you don’t even have to register in order to download the movies of your choice. All you have to do is head to the site, search for the movie you want to watch, and click play. You can also browse movies by category for inspiration if you’re not sure what you want to watch.

Free movie download sites

Some of the top registration-free sites 

Image result for no registration

One thing that can put some people off using these sites is the need to register. There are many free movie streaming sites that ask you to create an account first. Although these accounts are free to create, they do ask for your debit or credit card details. According to the sites, these are only required for verification of your identity. However, with online fraud such a big issue it is little wonder that many people are loathe to do this.

The good news is that there are also plenty of sites that do not ask for your personal or banking details. These are sites that require no registration. You can simply search on the show or movie you want and then start watching. It’s as simple as that. So, let’s take a look at some of the top ones:

Yes Movies

Yes movies offers a stylish and high-quality website. It is very easy to search, use, and get around. This means that you should be able to find the movie or show you want to watch with ease. The site also allows you to search by category, so you can browse all of the movies available within your chosen category. Many of the movies are in HD, so you can look forward to great quality. The database of movies on this site is huge, and this means that you should have no problem finding the perfect entertainment.


Although the design of the site is not as glamorous and vibrant as some others, F-Movies does offer an excellent user experience. You will find a huge range of movies and shows to choose from on the site. This makes it easy to find entertainment that is perfect for you. There is a simple search facility if you know what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can click on the categories and search by genre, country, and other options. The quality of the movies on the site is good, with many in HD.

Another great site that requires no registration is The site itself is quite basic in terms of design. However, when you click on the image of the movie or show, you can enjoy access to a full description along with additional information. You can search for a specific movie or show quickly and easily via the site. You can also search via genre or a number of other search options. Browsing is easy and you can see the star ratings for each movie at a glance. The site continually updates its offerings.

123 Movies

With 123 Movies, you will find yourself with a whole plethora of entertainment at your fingertips. With this site, you simply search or browse for the movie you want. You can then click on play and you are ready to relax with some entertainment. You won’t have to enter any details or banking information at all. The layout of the site is simple and user-friendly. This means that you can find what you are looking for without any hassle or inconvenience. You can also benefit from in-depth descriptions of the movies.

Solar Movie

When it comes to choice, Solar Movie offers something for everyone. No matter what genre you are looking for, you will find a huge range of options here. You can search quickly and easily via the website for a specific title. Alternatively, you can simply browse and see what takes your fancy based on your mood and preferences. The site is very easy to get around. All you have to do is find the movie or show you want and start watching. There is no annoying registration screen or message telling you to create a free account.

All of the sites that are highlighted above are completely free of charge to use. This means that you can enjoy high-quality entertainment and great choice. However, you won’t have to worry about paying extortionate prices for the privilege. You don’t even have to enter your email with these sites. This means greater peace of mind and far greater viewing pleasure.

Paid subscriptions sites

Image result for paid

Of course, there are also other options for those looking to watch movies online. Often, you will find the movie you want uploaded on YouTube and similar sites. There are also paid subscription sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the choice of entertainment on these sites is nowhere near as good as the free sites. In addition, they don’t update their movies as regularly. This means that you are effectively paying money for less choice. However, these are big name websites. This is why many people like to opt for these over the free sites. It gives them added peace of mind and security. Even if you are already signed up to a paid site, you can still try out the others. You don’t need to register or provide details. You don’t need to pay for the things you watch either. This means that you have nothing to lose by trying them out.

Best Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies

The way in which we enjoy entertainment has changed dramatically over recent years. While we were once restricted to watching TV or cable, we now have the power of the Internet at our fingertips. People all around the world go online to stream and download movies and shows. This has become one of the most popular means of viewing entertainment, particularly amongst younger people. There are many sites that enable you to stream and download content. This includes a range of torrent sites that can be used to download movies.

Image result for movies

As with many other streaming and download sites, a number of torrent sites have been taken down of late. However, some have re-emerged while others have been replaced with new torrent sites. There are still plenty of sites to choose from. This means that you can enjoy continuing to download movies via these sites. By choosing the right site, you can ensure you enjoy a speedy and efficient download as well as reliable service.

Some Best Torrent Sites

Some of the torrent sites to choose from

If you are looking for the best torrent sites from which to download movies, you should bear in mind that these can often change. This is because they sometimes get closed down so users often have to look for alternatives. Some of the current ones that you can choose from include:

The Pirate Bay

Image result for the pirate bay torrent site

This site has become very popular amongst BitTorrent users looking for movies. The site was taken down at one point due to legal issues as well as through being blocked by Internet Service Providers. The good news is that the site is up and running now. It also manages to get one billion page views every month, which is a testament to its popularity. It provides access to a range of torrent files in addition to movies. This includes music, games, and software.


With a history that dates back to 2009, this site has become increasingly popular. Like many other torrent sites, it has experienced its fair share of problems. This includes being blocked by Internet Service Providers. However, it does get a lot of page views and provides access to a variety of files. This includes movies and shows, music, games, books, anime, and more.


This is a torrent site that appears to be dedicated to movies. You can browse and download movies with ease via this torrent site. In addition, you can also benefit from watching movies in high quality, including 720p, 1080p, and 3D. You should have no problem using this torrent site. Often, the movies are available after being released on DVD or Blu-ray.


If you are looking for high quality and great resolution, this could be the ideal torrent site. This is the perfect sites for P2P fans. The site has enjoyed speedy growth and is a popular choice amongst movies fans. You can access a range of other torrent files when you use this site. This includes software, games, music, and TV shows.

This P2P torrent search engine is another popular option and provides a user-friendly experience. You can filter torrents based on status and category. The files on the site are updated on a regular basis. In addition, the download speed seems to be quite impressive. You can access various files via the site. This includes movies, games, music, books, software, and anime.


This is another popular torrent site that enables you to download online. There are no ads to deal with when you use this site, which makes it a great choice. The downloading process is fast and simple. There are also related links that come up when you use this site. So, if you experience any issues you can turn to the related links to try and find what you are looking for. This is a site that is about practicality and simplicity.

There are pros and cons when it comes to this site. It is a very fast growing site and was only developed in December 2016. You can access a range of files via the site as well as links to other torrent sites. There are minimal pop-ups and ads, which is good news. However, the streaming and download speeds with this site can be quite slow. This is likely to be the most frustrating quality of the site. Other than that, you should have no problems. The site boasts a pleasant user interface.


This is a great torrent site if you like everything to be properly organized. When you use this site, you will find all files have been properly categorized for ease of use. You will also find other features such as a top 100 section. The speed of the downloads via this site are good, so you don’t have to worry about the frustration of lengthy delays. You can access a range of files on the site. This includes movies, shows, anime, and more. Another great feature is that you can stream the files prior to downloading. By doing this, you can quickly and easily check on the quality.

Torrent Funk

One of the older players in the torrent market, this site offers a range of features. One of the key features is the verified symbol next to files. This enables you to determine whether the file is safe to download. There is also a comments section, so you can see what others have said about the file you want to download. There are plenty of files available so you should have no problems finding what you are looking for.


As we’ve all seen over recent years, torrent sites come and go. Some end up being blocked by Internet Service Providers while others may be closed down. However, the good ones tend to re-emerge in a short space of time. There are also new players in the market, and these are well worth checking out. You can then enjoy easy access to movies and shows as well as other types of files.

Where to Watch TV Series Online for Free

When it comes to TV series, there are so many options available these days. TV networks have brought out a wide variety of high quality, fascinating series to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you are into drama and horror or comedy and romance, you will find a series that is perfect for you. However, many of us miss out on series’ that we want to watch or only realize after they have finished that we might have liked them. Well, there is a solution for those that want to catch up on TV series’ and this is to use free content streaming websites that enable you to watch TV series on your computer or mobile device.

Image result for TV streaming sites

You will be able to choose from a wide range of streaming websites. All of these sites provide you with access to a great choice of series’ from different years and in different genres. The sites are very easy to use, so searching for the series you want is simple. You can also browse through different series and find ones that you think may be of interest to you. This is a great way to discover new programs and watch TV series that you may never have heard of in the past.

REad here – watch series online free at techwhack

Sites that enable you to watch TV series

Image result for Youtube

If you are looking for sites that will enable you to watch TV series free of charge, you certainly won’t struggle when it comes to choice. There are some great sites to choose from. Although some do have pop-ups and ads, you can quickly close these down and enjoy the show that you are interested in. Some of the great sites to try include:


If you want access to a huge range of shows, this site offers the ideal solution. You can watch full episodes at a time that suits you. This is a site that has gained enormous popularity amongst those looking to watch TV series free. Very often, shows are ready for viewing within 24 hours of being on TV so if you miss your favorite show there is no need to panic. In addition to TV series, the site also offers access to other entertainment. This includes a wide variety of movies and documentaries. The site is easy to use and nicely designed. This makes it easy to browse the various series as well as search for them.


This is a great site through which to watch full episodes of various series’ as well as movies and other entertainment. The site enables you to create a personal watch list, which provides you with even easier access when you want to watch TV series. You can enjoy the entertainment from this site on your PC as well as on mobile devices. While you don’t have to create an account on Crackle, you can access far more in the way of features if you do. The website is professional and slick, so you can also look forward to a good user experience. The choice of TV series on the site is excellent. This means that you will find something to suit all tastes and preferences.


This legal streaming website provides access to a variety of options if you want to watch TV series. You can view both classic and new series, with full episodes quickly becoming available on the site. This site offers plenty of other entertainment too, such as a good selection of movies. You can watch and enjoy both TV series and movies free of charge. The quality of the content is high, which means you get to benefit from a superior viewing experience.


While it is not strictly an entertainment site, YouTube is a video sharing site offering access to a range of series and movies. You can search for the movie or series you want, and if it is available on the site the options will come up. One of the main problems with using YouTube is that there is no guarantee with regards to quality. Some uploads are pretty good while other have poor quality – it’s just a case of checking them out. If you are struggling to find the content you want elsewhere, it is well worth checking for the series on YouTube.

Popcorn Time

With Popcorn Time you have an open-source site that enables you to stream TV shows and movie torrents to your computer. You can enjoy speedy streaming and high quality when you use this site. You can also access a wide range of TV series as well as other forms of content. This includes movies, documentaries, and more.

Hotstar TV

This streaming site provides you with access to watch TV series online as well as movies, sports, documentaries and more. You can enjoy a host of features when you sign up for a free account. The streaming is fast and efficient, and you can enjoy content in high quality. You can also download an app to your mobile device. This means that you can enjoy catching up with the latest series and other entertainment while you are on the go.


This is another site that provides access to a huge variety of TV series that you can watch in your own time. You do need to create an account but this is free of charge. You will then have access to a great database of movies as well as series, documentaries and other content. This is a slick, nicely designed site that is easy to browse and get around.


Watching new and favorite TV series has never been as easy. Thanks to sites such as these, you can now enjoy the classics as well as get into new series. With so many quality series’ being made these days, you will definitely find something which appeals to you. These sites will help to ensure you get to enjoy popular TV series in high quality and with minimal hassle.

123movies: watch free movies online

The way in which we view movies and TV entertainment has changed considerably over the years. Many years ago, all we had was a few terrestrial channels and a handful of entertainment options. When cable and satellite came along, the choice was far more varied. We suddenly had access to a far wide variety of channels. We could also find many different programs and movies to watch with something for most tastes and ages. Now, we are able to enjoy the ultimate in viewing entertainment with the ability to stream shows and movies at any time from sites such as 123movies.

Image result for movies is the new name for 123Movies .is. The company had to change names after it was closed down under its old name over piracy allegations. This is why it has now rebranded at Go Movies. However, it still offers the huge variety of shows, movies, and entertainment as it did previously.

Watch free movies and shows on

There are various paid subscription sites that offer access to movies and shows such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, with, you get to benefit from totally free access to content. In fact, you don’t even have to register or enter any details. This is a definite bonus, as many prefer not to do this particularly when some sites ask for banking details. The website is very user-friendly and offers a huge choice of entertainment. You can choose from old classics, new releases, blockbuster movies, and much more. You will find options to suit a wide variety of tastes and ages and a host of different genres to choose from.

There are various movie and entertainment sites online that offer free access. However, you will find that some are not totally free – they simply claim to be. Others state that they are free but still want your financial details. With this site, you simply head to the site, find the program or movie you want to watch, and click play.

Why did the name change?

123 Movies was a well-known name within the industry. Therefore, many wonder why the site operators changed the name in the first place. There were a number of reasons why the name change took place. First off, there were allegations of piracy, as there often are with free movie sites. However, more worryingly, a number of other 123 sites emerged online. These were not affiliated with this site and some were not even reputable sites. As a result, the company thought it best to change the name completely, hence the decision to rebrand to With regards to the previous domain name, the site operators have actually linked this up to the new website. This means that users who go onto the old site will be quickly directed to the new one automatically.

What is the new site like?

The new site is extremely user-friendly. It is colorful and vibrant with plenty of images and descriptions of the content on offer. Everything is nicely categorized, which means that you can search different categories and genres with ease. In addition, it has the standard search facility. This enables you to search for something specific if you don’t want to trawl through the categories. The site is very similar to the old site so users will still be able to benefit from a good user experience.

Malicious competition has already emerged

The bad news is that malicious competition has already emerged. This is despite the fact that the site has only recently launched. A number of imitators of Go Movies have crawled out of the woodwork, just as they did with 123 Movies. This is often what happens when one movie site gains a solid reputation and high levels of success. Suddenly, imitators emerge from nowhere in within a matter of days. Their aim? To leech off the success of the site and its reputation. In fact, many of the sites that were trying to imitate the original 123 Movies site have now changed their domain names to Go Movies names.

What and how much can you watch? is completely free, which means that there are no limits on how much you can watch. In terms of the choice available, you will not be disappointed. You will find everything from documentaries and general interest through to international movies and the latest blockbusters. There are TV shows, box sets, seasons of popular TV shows, and more. You can also select from a huge choice of genres, which means that there is something for everyone to enjoy on this site. So, you can basically enjoy a world of entertainment without registration and without having to pay out any money.

Will this site be closed down?

Well, there is no doubt that authorities already have their eye on the site. This is because of the former popularity of 123 Movies before it changed its domain name. Already, the site has been flagged up as one that needs to be monitored. With imitators already having emerged this could cause further issues. However, for now, the site will continue to offer high-quality entertainment at the click of a button. Whether or not the site will be closed down or has to change the name again remains to be seen. However, many similar sites have suffered this fate as a result of imitations and claims of copyright infringement.


Image result for movies

With more and more people turning to online streaming services, is certain to enjoy continued popularity. People have become used to having far more choice these days than in the past. Movie and entertainment streaming sites such as this are able to offer this choice. In addition, they provide users with total ease of use and convenience. The choice available on is far greater than with the paid subscription sites available online. As such, it is little wonder that people flock to this and similar sites in order to access content.