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The way in which we view movies and TV entertainment has changed considerably over the years. Many years ago, all we had was a few terrestrial channels and a handful of entertainment options. When cable and satellite came along, the choice was far more varied. We suddenly had access to a far wide variety of channels. We could also find many different programs and movies to watch with something for most tastes and ages. Now, we are able to enjoy the ultimate in viewing entertainment with the ability to stream shows and movies at any time from sites such as 123movies.

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GoMovies.to is the new name for 123Movies .is. The company had to change names after it was closed down under its old name over piracy allegations. This is why it has now rebranded at Go Movies. However, it still offers the huge variety of shows, movies, and entertainment as it did previously.

Watch free movies and shows on GoMovies.to

There are various paid subscription sites that offer access to movies and shows such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, with GoMovies.to, you get to benefit from totally free access to content. In fact, you don’t even have to register or enter any details. This is a definite bonus, as many prefer not to do this particularly when some sites ask for banking details. The website is very user-friendly and offers a huge choice of entertainment. You can choose from old classics, new releases, blockbuster movies, and much more. You will find options to suit a wide variety of tastes and ages and a host of different genres to choose from.

There are various movie and entertainment sites online that offer free access. However, you will find that some are not totally free – they simply claim to be. Others state that they are free but still want your financial details. With this site, you simply head to the site, find the program or movie you want to watch, and click play.

Why did the name change?

123 Movies was a well-known name within the industry. Therefore, many wonder why the site operators changed the name in the first place. There were a number of reasons why the name change took place. First off, there were allegations of piracy, as there often are with free movie sites. However, more worryingly, a number of other 123 sites emerged online. These were not affiliated with this site and some were not even reputable sites. As a result, the company thought it best to change the name completely, hence the decision to rebrand to GoMovies.to. With regards to the previous domain name, the site operators have actually linked this up to the new website. This means that users who go onto the old site will be quickly directed to the new one automatically.

What is the new site like?

The new GoMovies.to site is extremely user-friendly. It is colorful and vibrant with plenty of images and descriptions of the content on offer. Everything is nicely categorized, which means that you can search different categories and genres with ease. In addition, it has the standard search facility. This enables you to search for something specific if you don’t want to trawl through the categories. The site is very similar to the old site so users will still be able to benefit from a good user experience.

Malicious competition has already emerged

The bad news is that malicious competition has already emerged. This is despite the fact that the GoMovies.to site has only recently launched. A number of imitators of Go Movies have crawled out of the woodwork, just as they did with 123 Movies. This is often what happens when one movie site gains a solid reputation and high levels of success. Suddenly, imitators emerge from nowhere in within a matter of days. Their aim? To leech off the success of the site and its reputation. In fact, many of the sites that were trying to imitate the original 123 Movies site have now changed their domain names to Go Movies names.

What and how much can you watch?

GoMovies.to is completely free, which means that there are no limits on how much you can watch. In terms of the choice available, you will not be disappointed. You will find everything from documentaries and general interest through to international movies and the latest blockbusters. There are TV shows, box sets, seasons of popular TV shows, and more. You can also select from a huge choice of genres, which means that there is something for everyone to enjoy on this site. So, you can basically enjoy a world of entertainment without registration and without having to pay out any money.

Will this site be closed down?

Well, there is no doubt that authorities already have their eye on the site. This is because of the former popularity of 123 Movies before it changed its domain name. Already, the site has been flagged up as one that needs to be monitored. With imitators already having emerged this could cause further issues. However, for now, the site will continue to offer high-quality entertainment at the click of a button. Whether or not the site will be closed down or has to change the name again remains to be seen. However, many similar sites have suffered this fate as a result of imitations and claims of copyright infringement.


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With more and more people turning to online streaming services, GoMovies.to is certain to enjoy continued popularity. People have become used to having far more choice these days than in the past. Movie and entertainment streaming sites such as this are able to offer this choice. In addition, they provide users with total ease of use and convenience. The choice available on GoMovies.to is far greater than with the paid subscription sites available online. As such, it is little wonder that people flock to this and similar sites in order to access content.


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